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How do I order my products?

Once you have chosen a product, please send an email to with the following information:


name of the item

your email address

your shipping address with zip code


I will send a draft invoice via email for your review and approval.


Shipping costs are included in the price of most items but some hand knit and hand woven items may be the exception.


How do I pay for my products?


We are a prepay business only. Right now, things are very low tech. so I can only accept checks. 


Mail to: 

9108 Church St. #10063

Manassas, VA 20108


Shipping Information:


As soon as your payment is received, I will place your order into USPriority Mail or Parcel Post depending upon the size of the box and the USPO shipping ZONE in which you live.


Pricing on hand knit, woven, and felted products:

I am working with a number of fiber artists who will craft one -of-a-kind items from my alpacas' yarn.  Pricing of items will be by the piece and diplayed with the item. Shipping is included in the price. Check the Products page for updates as individual items will be listed as they are completed. For custom orders please send an email to  


Felted items for sale:

Christmas stockings


Quilt batting


Boot inserts






2# bags of clean seconds - great for felting projects


          . . . see Products page . . . 

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