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Meet the Alpacas and Stretch the llama:

Each animal has their own unique personality, likes, and dislikes. I do my best to keep everyone happy.  I shear in mid-May and they enjoy having their bellies sprayed with water in the summertime. Orchard grass hay is the best for their nutritional needs, supplemented with a bit of grain, minerals, and of course, the occasional treat!


Guard Llama


I call Stretch the protector of all things!  He keeps the alpacas in line and lets me know if there is something I should worry about - like a coyote, unusual dog, or human lurking about.  I could talk for hours about his amazing intuition and things I have seen him do. Llamas are used as guardians for many species due to their natural tendency for bonding and protecting. Stretch is excellent at what he does and has great fleece too! 



Steady as gravity, my boy Rocky is easy to get along with and provides Stretch with back-up when necessary. He has lucious fiber (and ribbons to prove it!) that spins like a dream.  He never takes himself too seriously and enjoys having his neck scratched a bit. He is most definitely Stretch's "second in command" as his calm demeanor keeps everyone on an even keel. Rocky's yarn is usually blended with Tussah silk for added softness and memory.



Mischevious and fun loving, my boy Rudy thinks everthing is about him.  If something is missing chances are he is playing with it.  If our veterinarian comes to see someone, Rudy has to  have a visit first - more neck rubs, please!  His fleece is incredibly dense with good staple length giving me wonderful yarn. When he was younger, I had trouble with him jumping on people (yes, I said jumping). We worked really hard on respect and by NOT giving him attention he has chilled out into reliably sweet  boy! Rudy's yarn is usually blended with 10% merino.



Leo has dense fleece and a good staple length that makes wonderful yarn! My boy Leo may not be the most outgoing of creatures - he likes his personnal space. I respect his wishes as much as possible and try not to take it personnally if he gets spitty with me. He has a bit of a hearing loss so I don't blame him for feeling a somewhat insecure. We all have our issues and here at the farm we all try to get along! Leo's yarn is generally blended with firestar or merino.

Flint Black


A bit shy but such a gentleman! My boy Flint is always the first to step up when we play the "target" game  where they get treats for touching their nose to various objects that have a "target" (colorful lid from instant ice tea can) on them! He is a quick study and I hope to have time this spring to teach him an obstacle course. Flint has very soft fleece that is a deep, dark black - his yarn is beautiful with a bit of firestar but we can blend whatever you'd like!



An inspirational zest for life! My boy Val breezes along  in spite of having lost an eye to  illness when he was younger. Personallity plus and the best attitude ever. Not only that but he has amazing  soft, dense fleece that makes dreamy yarn!  Friendly and outgoing, Val loves a good neck scratch. He never fails to lift my spirits! Usually, his yarn is blended with 10% firestar or merino. 

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