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Hand-Knit Items

I am working with a number of fiber artists who will craft one -of-a-kind items from my alpacas' yarn. Be on the look out for everything from scarves to sweaters coming soon.


Do you have a special request? Contact me at : 


Our natural colors include black, bay-black, medium fawn, and grey. I love to dye yarn so challenge me to come up with something you like!


Please see FAQs for pricing.

Woven Shawls, Blankets, and Rugs

Stay tuned for more items produced from my alpacas!  I use a Ridged Heddle loom but am working with other fiber artists who can produce more complicated patterns. Soon I will have wraps, shawls, rugs and blankets!

Picture left shows a piece that can be used as a light wrap, seat cover for a six foot bench, or a table runner.

Wet-Felted Items
Wet felting is a process by which fleece is agitated with hot, soapy water to create fabric. Wow! - after that you can make just about anything! Right now, my wet felted products include:


hand bags

pet beds

shoe inserts: $10 all sizes

Christmas stockings: large $20 small $15 with out  name or embellishments

quilt batting: comes in 48" wide X 81" long sheets for $80.00


Attention QUILTERS : in the past your choices have pretty much been cotton and poly (flat or puffy). Alpaca provides better insulation for a warmer quilt. It is lighter weight than wool and contains no lanolin (that is what gives wool its itchy feel). Email me for a free sample!  



Soft as a kiss and warm as a hug - whether you  crochet, weave, or knit you will LOVE alpaca!


Right now I have skeins in black and grey:


The Black is mixed with a hint of firestar for just a touch of glitter and to provide a bit more memory to the yarn.


The Grey is blended with 10% Tussah Silk to provide more memory.


Either is absolutely lovely!


250 yard skeins are $29, including shipping. 

Skirted Fleece (blanket) and Roving

All fleeces have been show skirted to remove debris and I give them a quick turn in the fiber tumbler to shake out dust.


Colors include: Black, Bay-Black, Grey, and Medium Fawn


Whole fleeces (blanket) are $28.00 per pound (they are skirted and clean)


2 - 2.5 pound bags of seconds for felting are $32.00


Roving is available at $4.00 per ounce.


Prices include shipping!

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